Some tasks will be included here for you to complete. In addition, as you complete other tasks in class, you can add these to your wiki also. For example, you might be asked to compose a poem, or script and perform a play. If you film your play, you can even put the film (or a podcast of your film) into your wiki! Be imaginative and creative!

Questions on 'Chinese Cinderella'

Themes Activity

Word Cloud Poster

Create a Chinese Cinderella 'Word Cloud' - use the program 'Wordle Create' to produce a poster for Chinese Cinderella. What you need to do is to repeat the most important words more frequently than the least important! Then you can experiment with the colours, layout and designs; or, alternately, try the 'random' button! Have fun! (Just found out that you can put in phrases by separating each word using the ~ symbol. For example: Chinese~Cinderella

Alternatively, try this 'word cloud' program that allows you to save or embed what you create into your wikis: or which allows you to save your word cloud.

You must each create your own word cloud for the wiki!

(Below is my word cloud based on one of the essays from the 'Essay Writing' page!)

Hot Seat!

You are to role play some of the characters from Chinese Cinderella in an interview situation for a television program. Carefully plan and write the interview questions prior to filming your interview. Upload your filmed interviews to a new page - 'Interviews with Adeline Yen Mah and her family'


Create a scripted three to five minute play around a particular scene in Chinese Cinderella. Rehearse this and find props and costumes. When you are ready, have someone film your performance of the play. Finally, upload this onto your wiki as a widget.

Also, upload your group's play script.