To appreciate the true story ‘Chinese Cinderella’, you will need to be aware of some contextual information. Contextual information relates to what country the story was set, when (the year), cultural influences and political background and influences.

Use ‘Google’ or another search engine to research the following questions. Present the information in your wiki 'Background Information' page.

1. Find a map of China that includes Shanghai, Tianjin and Hong Kong (the three cities that Adeline lived in). Save the map and print on A4 paper.

2. Adeline’s grandfather was Buddhist: What is the basis of this religion? (ie. what are Buddhist beliefs and practices?)

3. Adeline’s grandmother had her foot binding done as a child. When did this cultural practice first start and what did it involve?

4. Adeline’s step-mum was of Chinese-French heritage. When and why were the French in China? (I have helped you with this question below, as it is tricky!)

5. Look up and explain the meaning of the following words: ethnocentric, patriarchy, imperialism, cultural cringe, matriarchy and colonialisation.

6. Include a family tree for the Yen family.

Below is some information to help you with tasks 4 and 6:
· 1840-1928 French Missionaries went to China to spread Christianity
· 1840-1910 French ships travelled to China
· 1842 China lost the Opium War. Then suffered defeats at the hands of the British, Japanese and French. Many parts of China were under foreign control for the next 100 years
· 1937 (the year Adeline was born) Tianjin was divided into foreign concessions. The French Concession was ruled by French citizens under French law